Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowman doing the Limbo

The kids built this snowman last weekend and it has been funny to see it melt. I wonder how low it will go before it breaks.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Photo Shoot

One of my friends took some great photos of our family. Here are a few of the kids, my they grow too fast.

Isaiah's eye surgery

Last May, Isaiah had to get eye surgery. One of his nerves in his left eye didn't work so when he would look up it would kind of roll up into his head. The surgery went really well, and the nurses warned us that he would probably wake up screaming, but it was actually opposite. He woke up smiling and wanted Savanna next to him, and they both giggled together. It was so cute.

Here are some before and after shots. The first picture I took of him right before going into surgery and I accidently caught his left eye going up.

This next shot was just the day after the surgery. We decided to get him in the same postion to show the difference. Isn't that just amazing? I love our doctor. So thankful for medicine and surgeries. For the first time Isaiah has depth perception and just a few weeks later, he was able to hit a baseball with a bat. What a miracle!!

Best Buddies

I was close to my brother Ben growing up and I think Kayla and Isaiah have this same kind of bond. It is so refreshing to catch them being good to each other when at times you wonder if they really have this love.

Going to Daddy's work

A few months ago Porter went with Joe to work for a few hours, and of course he had to bring his elephant. I remember going to work with my dad when I was little and the best part about it was the little fridge full of drinks. My kids love that too!!

First day of Preschool

Here are my handsome boys on their first day of Preschool. I am doing a preschool with two of my sister-in-laws, so we switch off who teaches. It has been such a great thing for my boys. It is fun for them to go to school with their cousins, and especially fun that this preschool group is all boys. So almost all of our lessons are based around boy things.

Savvy Prayer

Ever since Savvy was about six months old she folds her arms for our family prayers at night. A few months ago we called all the kids to prayer and she came over, knelt down, and folded her arms. Not sure why she looks so sad in this picture, but the next one makes up for it. All my kids have swirl cowlicks on the front of their hairline which makes their hair grow straight in their face. It is especially noticeable on the girls, since they grow their hair out. I love their crazy uncontrollable hair.