Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in NEW YORK!

Sydney and Isaiah loved kissing each other. They are such cute little friends.

I love this action shot of Isaiah going down the slide.

On the promenade walk. It is such a beautiful view of the city and it was a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving day. About 70 degrees all day long.

Jackson and Kayla are the best of buddies. They loved holding hands and walking around together.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gingerbread House

Joe and Kayla made their very first gingerbread house together. We had a party at Joe's school and made these with a lot of families. Kayla had a blast. I found her this morning standing on a chair eating all the candy with hard frosting all over her hands and chin. I just had to laugh, I couldn't get mad.

Dancing and wrestling

The other night, Joe turned on music and the kids just started dancing like crazy. They are definitely better dancers than me, they must have inherited all their dance moves from Joe. Here are a few great shots of them:

After about 30 minutes of dancing, we caught Kayla unzipping Isaiah's sleeper and blowing on his little tummy. It was the cutest thing and they were both laughing! It is so much fun to have such cute kids that love each other.

Isaiah and his cute contagious smile!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jenny's Farm

We had a great time visiting Jenny's Farm. Joe and I visit often and Kayla loves the goats and the ponds. One time Kayla was a little too excited about the ponds and actually fell in. It traumatized her so much that every time we go now, she reminds us that we shouldn't walk on the rocks by the pond or we will fall in. And she thanks Joe every time for saving her.


What a wonderful time we had with my parents this past week. It was so good to be with them and Kayla was especially excited to be with them. It was so fun to show them around Ann Arbor, go to Kirtland, go on walks, apple orchards, and just be together. It went by way too fast, we wish they could have stayed longer!

Kayla performing with Grandpa with our puppet show. It was so great!

Kirtland Ohio!

We had the great opportunity of visiting Kirtland Ohio with my parents. It was so neat to see the temple, sites where Joseph Smith received revelation, where he was tarred and feathered, and all the places where trying things happened to the Saints. It made me so thankful for this heritage and the blessings we enjoy because of all the sacrifice.

Here is Grandpa and Kayla picking baby pine cones by the Kirtland temple. We have so many of these floating around our house, Kayla just loves them.


Here are my two handsome boys. I saw this suit for Isaiah the other day and I couldn't resist. I had to buy it. I have always wanted a little boy in a suit. My dreams came true today. What a cutie.

Even Kayla wanted to try the suit on. Doesn't she make it look feminine?