Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jenny's Farm

We had a great time visiting Jenny's Farm. Joe and I visit often and Kayla loves the goats and the ponds. One time Kayla was a little too excited about the ponds and actually fell in. It traumatized her so much that every time we go now, she reminds us that we shouldn't walk on the rocks by the pond or we will fall in. And she thanks Joe every time for saving her.


RicAnn said...

Grandparents are the best! My parents are coming into town for Thanksgiving, so we are way excited. by the way our blog is

I hope all is well with you!


dersley said...

What a cute story about Kayla!!

millie's mother said...

that is so funny about kayla falling into the pond and talking about it every time! thanks for sharing. my blog is kind of boring because it's my personal blog (no pictures, just my sometimes boring thoughts). it's

Julie M. said...

Hooray for your blog! Love that you linked it. It's fun to see everyone's. Ours is

Sarah said...

Hey Heidi - these pictures are so cute. I figured out why you can't see our pictures. We are still using the We will be cutting out the blogspot once we get the pictures transfered but they are not there yet.

Ben and Brittany Skousen said...

They are so cute. Trina always asks for her Kayla. I cant wait to get them together again. It will be way to long.