Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smoothie addiction

Lately, it is an odd day if I don't make some sort of smoothie. I think I have a serious addiction. Almost every night, Joe and I get Kayla and Isaiah to bed and then it is time to make some sort of new smoothie, depending on the ingredients we have in the fridge. Just when I sit down to enjoy my smoothie after a long hot day, Porter begins to pant, groan, throw his arms and legs, and look at me in the most sweet way. (meaning: he wants my smoothie). It is the cutest thing ever and I can never deny my little boy. Porter lives for his smoothie fill every day. Is it odd that my 6 month old already knows how to drink out of a straw? Gotta love smoothies!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Program at the Nursing Home

The first part of May, Kayla and her cousins were in a little program at a Nursing Home and this is what Kayla chose to sing. It was so cute and the people just loved it. I love her kiss at the end, and if you look carefully at her feet she was tapping to the beat.