Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Joe and the kids were able to head up with the rest of the Skousen Family to cut down our beautiful Christmas tree. I stayed back, just because my back has been giving me troubles, but they had a really good time. It is such a fun tradition to cut down our very own Christmas Tree. We have done it every single year of our marriage. Even when we lived in Michigan we went to a Christmas Tree Farm. I love the smell of it.

Here's Aunt Lizzy giving Isaiah a ride through the snow.

Kayla had a fun time running in the snow. This girl was born for the cold. I freeze up when I am cold and Kayla comes alive.

Joe, Kayla, and Isaiah, next to our soon-to-be Christmas Tree:

And, cutting it down together:

What a fun day they had getting the Christmas Tree. We all relaxed that night with everyone at our home with some homemade Cafe Rio and the BYU vs. UofU game!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Park twins

It has been so warm here lately. I am loving that we are just getting eased into winter! I wanted to post just one last picture of the fun park we go to, before it gets too cold. Kayla and Isaiah love going down the slides together. Don't they look like twins?

Fairy Day!

Lately Kayla has been so obsessed with Fairies. I don't know what got her started, but I think it was the book "Sleeping Beauty" that we have. Last week she requested that I make a wings and a wand for her and now she likes to turn us all into different things. Joe has been a horse, Kayla a dog, and she likes to turn me into a witch and a frog. Gotta love the imagination of a little three year old.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

The time has come.....

Tonight we weighed Kayla and Isaiah. Isaiah now officially weighs more than Kayla. Kayla weighs 28 pounds and Isaiah weighs 29 pounds. We knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Kayla had 3 good years of power over her brother, but now it all ends. You better watch out Kayla, I think we have a linebacker on our hands.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The memory of a child

Kids have the best memories. I always heard that before becoming a mom, but now Kayla has confirmed that to me. Many times I tell her something that we can do the night before and then the next day she is so quick to remind me of my promise. Well, last night Kayla wanted one more bedtime story. Joe told her that when she woke up she could come in our room with a book and he would read it to her. Well, early this morning, Kayla crept out of bed and brought Joe "Sleeping Beauty", and she said, "Okay daddy, I'm ready for my book." It was so cute. Shortly after Isaiah woke up and wanted to be part of the fun, so I had to snap this picture. Thanks for being such a great dad Joe!!!

Pregnancy update

Well, as you can see, baby #3 is going to arrive here pretty quick. All has been going pretty well this pregnancy. I have, for the most part, figured out how to deal with gestational diabetes, but I gotta admit every once in awhile I fall. It is so hard to control diabetes by diet alone. A pregnant girl just needs some sugar once in awhile, not to mention chocolate. So I have my ups and downs, but I am hoping that this baby isn't too enormously big. Sometimes I feel like this baby is going to be huge because my back has been hurting me so much!! I just hope all will go well and that the baby will be healthy and happy. We are so excited to greet this new little one in the world. Many people have asked me if we have thought of a name yet. To tell you the truth, we have been so excited to find out if it is a boy or girl, that we have hardly even talked about names. But, I think we will know when we see the baby's cute little face. I went to the doctor a few days ago and I am dilated to a 1.5 cm and 60% effaced. This could be good news, that the baby will be coming pretty soon, or it could be a long wait. You can never tell with this baby business. We will keep you posted.

Doll House

When we first moved here, Joe's parents were EXTREMELY generous and gave us many things to put in our home. One of the things was this old doll house. Joe was so excited to repaint it with the kids. So the other day, Joe draped the kids in garbage sacks and gave them some paint. The kids had a blast and even in the end began painting each other. :)

The kids have had a blast decorating the doll house. Every day I ask Kayla what she wants to do and she almost always says she wants to paint the doll house. I will have to get some updated pictures up soon. They have fun picking out different colors for the rooms and carpet and decorations. It will be fun to see the final product of this house.

Happy Be-lated Halloween

I have been quite the slacker lately with updating this blog. I think it is mainly because it is hard for me to sit for long or really any period of time because my back is starting to hurt so bad from the baby. But here you go, I am FINALLY posting some pictures from Halloween. Since the costumes from last Halloween still fit Kayla and Isaiah, we decided to use the same ones. Kayla was proud to be in her cowgirl outfit and Isaiah LOVES dogs. I think we will have to get him one in the near future. We had fun trick-or-treating with the kids, going to parties, and doing MANY MANY Halloween activities.

The kids had fun dressing up to go to Daddy's work. Joe even had a clown nose when he opened the door. The kids were very confused as to why their Daddy's nose was red. What a fun fun day!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday Kayla and Isaiah were painting at the counter. Kayla dropped her paint brush and said, "Mommy, will you pick it up?" I told her, "It hurts my back to bend over because I am a whale." (I call myself a whale because how big I am getting with the pregnancy). Kayla looked at me confused and said, "Mommy your not a whale, you just look like one."

So there you have it, one honest three year old.