Friday, July 25, 2008

Good luck!!!

Joe is off to take the BAR today. I just wanted to quickly post just how proud of him I am. Joe has worked UNCEASINGLY the last three years and every day puts in long hours of study. Sometimes I sit down to read what he has been reading and my mind starts to wander and one time I feel asleep after just a few minutes of reading a case. My Joe is a determined man and I know he will succeed in whatever he does. I am so proud of you Joe.

I am also very proud of all our many friends that are about to embark on this Bar, and in particular Joe's brother Jake. We love you Jake, and we are praying for your success.

Good luck all you BAR takers!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baptism and Dancing

Last Sunday we were able to go to a baptism for the cutest lady. She is the type of person that really brightens a room when she walks in. While she was getting dressed after she was baptized, the mission leader turned on "Together Forever" for everyone to watch. After a few minutes a picture of Jesus came on the TV and while it was completely silent in the room, Isaiah yelled out, "JESUS!!" Everyone there laughed. It was the cutest thing ever and made me so thankful that Isaiah knows who Jesus is at such a young age.

Before Church last Sunday, Kayla wanted to get all dressed up in her easter dress, she says she feels like a princess when she wears it. After she was all ready for church, she asked Isaiah if he would be her prince and then she asked me to turn on some music while they danced. Isaiah was a great sport and made a perfect prince. Here is a little photo I captured of them dancing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's a...............................!

Today was the long awaited day! We had our ultrasound today. It was so fun to see the baby kicking around, hiccuping, waving, and sleeping. The baby is very healthy and we are so excited to welcome this little one in to the world. The ultrasound technician took her sweet time looking at the head, heart, spinal cord, brain, hands, feet, she looked everywhere, except what gender the baby is. And when it finally came time to find out if we are having a boy or girl, she told us to look away. That's right, we decided we aren't going to find out this time around. So, we are taking guesses. What do you think?......................Boy or Girl?...................

Saturday, July 5, 2008

One year Anniversary

It's time to celebrate. One year ago today, Joe and I decided that it was time to start flossing every single day. For motivation, we decided to bet each other. The first to go a night without flossing would have to make the other a homemade pie of the winners choosing. Joe and I are so competitive that it looks like this bet paid off because we have flossed every single day for one whole year. Joe is so competitive that some nights he would try to lull me to sleep without flossing or even hide the floss from me. So, if you are one that needs to floss more, try betting has worked for us, hopefully the dentist will agree.