Saturday, July 5, 2008

One year Anniversary

It's time to celebrate. One year ago today, Joe and I decided that it was time to start flossing every single day. For motivation, we decided to bet each other. The first to go a night without flossing would have to make the other a homemade pie of the winners choosing. Joe and I are so competitive that it looks like this bet paid off because we have flossed every single day for one whole year. Joe is so competitive that some nights he would try to lull me to sleep without flossing or even hide the floss from me. So, if you are one that needs to floss more, try betting has worked for us, hopefully the dentist will agree.


Joanne said...

that is such a good idea, I should try that with Brad!

Boy said...

You will have to let us know how your next dentist appointment turns out.

Andrea Skousen said...

That's so hilarious! Did a year already go by?!! Time flies way too fast. I definitely need a bet to motivate me...I'm such a lazy flosser!

BTW..that picture of Kayla up top is to die for! She's still planning on marrying Hunter right?

chase said...

Your entry brought tears to my eyes, both from being proud and from laughter. Never give up flossing and never quit competing (in a good way).

-Dr. Dansie