Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baptism and Dancing

Last Sunday we were able to go to a baptism for the cutest lady. She is the type of person that really brightens a room when she walks in. While she was getting dressed after she was baptized, the mission leader turned on "Together Forever" for everyone to watch. After a few minutes a picture of Jesus came on the TV and while it was completely silent in the room, Isaiah yelled out, "JESUS!!" Everyone there laughed. It was the cutest thing ever and made me so thankful that Isaiah knows who Jesus is at such a young age.

Before Church last Sunday, Kayla wanted to get all dressed up in her easter dress, she says she feels like a princess when she wears it. After she was all ready for church, she asked Isaiah if he would be her prince and then she asked me to turn on some music while they danced. Isaiah was a great sport and made a perfect prince. Here is a little photo I captured of them dancing.


Grammy said...

What a darling couple Kayla and Isaiah are! It is wonderful to know that they are good friends. Thanks for capturing this moment, so we could enjoy it with you!

juli and ben said...

Cute kids! We can't wait to see them soon!!

NYCmom said...

Your kids are so adorable! That's a good thing about having a girl seems she's roping Isaiah into some of these softer things...meanwhile Jackson is teaching Sydney to wrestle and jump off the couch. Nice. I miss you guys so much! I hope we get to see you soon! Good luck on the bar Joe!!! We're thinking of you and praying for you! xoxo