Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Joe's Birthday!

I love days like today, because I get full bragging rights of my wonderful Husband Joe. Today is his 29th birthday, and I have been teasing him, because he has one last year of childhood and then he is officially an adult. Oh how I love my Joe. Just like last year (except I wrote 28 things) I want to write 29 things that I love about Joe.

Here we go:

1. I have always been extremely weak. Seriously, I hardly ever beat anyone at a dang arm wrestle. Before marrying Joe, I remember dating one guy in particular, that I seriously thought I would have to protect if someone robbed us. That is when I knew that I wanted someone that I had total confidence that could actually protect me and I wouldn't have to "pretend". Well, with Joe, there is absolutely NO pretending. He is the strongest person I know.

2. Speaking of strong, Joe gets a high out of moving things. It's a good thing too, because shortly we will be moving into a new house. In Michigan, we acquired a playing piano. Believe me, this thing is MONSTROUS!!! Joe is excited to try to move it again (hopefully his little brother Josh will help him, I do want Joe to have a healthy back).

3. Whenever I ask Joe to do something, he does it immediately. Seriously! Where did he come from? Sometimes I mention that a drawer isn't working right or whatever, and next thing I know he gets his tools out and fixes it. No honey-to-do-lists for Joe. He gets it done right away.

4. I love that Joe is a dreamer. About a week ago we found the house we want to buy. He was so excited to see that the backyard wasn't done yet. That night, I found Joe in bed with paper, a ruler, and pencil in hand drawing out a fun backyard. It makes me smile.

5. Whenever Joe gets home from work it is family time. He centers EVERYTHING around us. The kids gets so excited when daddy gets home.

6. Joe is VERY loyal. If you are a friend or have ever been a good friend of Joe's, he sticks by you. I have honestly NEVER heard him speak negatively about his friends. What a great example he is.

7. Joe is in the process of planning out Isaiah's log bed. It has been Joe's tradition to make all of us log beds. When we were engaged he made us an enormous log bed. It used to dwarf the places we lived in Michigan, it is so huge. He has made a log crib, Kayla's log bed, and now it is on to Isaiah's. I love this tradition.

8. Joe loves his Mom. He speaks so highly of her and would do absolutely ANYTHING for her.

9. Joe loves potatoes. You name anything potatoes, and he loves it!!

10. But, I figured out why he likes potatoes. I think it is because of sour cream. He could eat that stuff on ANYTHING!! If I come home with 2 or more tubs of sour cream from the store, you know it has been a good shopping trip and it makes Joe very happy.

11. Joe is so patient. He has never-ending patience for me and for this I am grateful. He is so patient with all my many weaknesses.

12. Joe has a very strong testimony of Jesus. We sometimes get lost in conversation about the Savior and the love Joe has for Him overwhelms me with gratitude.

13. Almost every day Kayla asks Joe when they are getting married. One time I told Kayla that she would marry a different boy and Joe quickly responded and said, “Kayla, it’s okay, you can marry me!” I was put in my place. :) Kayla has Joe wrapped around her finger. It is so cute to watch the love they have for each other.

14. Joe has taught Isaiah how to use tools. Just yesterday, I took the kids to my moms house. My mom has a whole bunch of kid tools. My mom and I were chatting and Isaiah came up to my mom and said, “ I will fix you with tools.” He then proceeded to use the plastic saw and pretended to cut off her leg. It was so cute, and made me think of Joe.

15. If Joe sets his mind to do something, he will achieve it no matter what. He is a very determined person.

16. Joe is a very hard worker. Last year, he started studying for the bar 6 months in advanced and passed it with flying colors. I was so proud of him!

17. Last week was Kayla’s first soccer game. Kayla was so cold and didn’t want to play. My first instinct was to make her play, but Joe, the wise one, lovingly took her in his arms and walked with her by all her teammates while they were playing. He is helping her LOVE soccer, I probably would have helped her hate it.

18. Joe is a GREAT cook. Hands down, he is better than me. I look forward to the times he cooks. Too bad it isn’t too often.

19. Joe reads the scriptures every day with the kids. He is almost always the one to remember (but Kayla also won’t let him forget.)

20. Joe loves his family. It is amazing to see how close they are. I hope to incorporate this in our own family.

21. I don’t necessarily love this about Joe, but Joe likes the smell of skunks. Isn’t that odd? I love to make fun of him for it.

22. Once we were very low on food. I decided I would try to do what moms do best and mix a whole bunch of things from the cupboard and magically have a wonderful dinner appear. Well, I was a complete failure. When Joe got home, I told him to try it and he sweetly said, why don’t I go get us a pizza.

23. Joe loves to stay in shape and is health conscious.

24. When I asked Joe what he wanted for his birthday he said, “Something for you!” He would much rather take care of me than himself.

25. Joe loves to make new traditions. We try to make up fun, unique ones for the holidays.

26. Joe is a HUGE tease. We have been flossing consecutively for over a year and a half, because of a bet we have. After all this time, he STILL tries to hide the floss from me.

27. Joe just LOVES Porter. He can make Porter belly laugh so cute, and Porter’s little face lights up when Joe walks in the room. What a special bond those two have.

28. Joe loves my family and would do anything for them.

29. And last, I love that Joe asked me to marry him. How did I ever get so lucky?



Brad said...

Joe, you are awesome! Seriously, great friend. It is fun to read some of these things, and be able to agree 100%. Happy Birthday Man!

Parker said...

Happy Birthday Joe!! What a great list, we are lucky to have you as a friend. Ryan was just asking the other day what you did with the player piano - we hope to play on it this summer!

NYCmom said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! I SO wish we were out there with you guys. We definitely need to keep the Skousen & Skousen law firm dream alive. Somewhere...somehow! Congrats on another eventful year! Hopefully this next one will prove even better!

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Joe!!! I'm sorry Gideon had not chosen your favorite day...I guess he's not much into sharing. :) I hope it's been a GREAT day. :)
Love, Tristan and Tricia

pmkennedy said...

Joe, I know you'll never forgive me - being your MOST FAVORITE sister (hush Tricia) But I forgot to wish you a happy birthday - therefore, I wish you a bright happy year ahead!! God bless you with it all, you deserve it :)

Grammy said...

It's great to get to know you better, Joe! We are happy you are in our family. Have a wonderful coming year!