Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toe Socks

Kayla has had these stockings for three winters (and this is her third winter of her life). Well, I had to laugh because a few days ago we were at Eliza and Camille's house (our really good friends here) and Kayla ran over to me and said, "MOM! Look! My toe is saying HI!" It was so cute how she said it, and now she always wants to wear her "toe socks" when we get all bundled up. I love our cute little Kayla.


bills said...

those are not the 0-9 month size tights you bought at Target when we first moved to Ann Arbor are they? Every year I see Kayla in those I though you just went back to Target and got a bigger size! I just pulled Cami's out to hand down to Trisha! I couldn't help but giggle when I read this.


NYCmom said...

So cute! I can't believe what a cute little petite thing Kayla is! Jackson misses you guys so much! We do too...but I don't talk about it everyday like he does. I wish we could get together over Christmas. Maybe we should try to meet somewhere in the middle! We're car sitting for someone...we could each drive 4 hours for a little overnight somewhere in Pennsylvania or something! ;) xoxo

Abbigail said...

that is so freaking adorable! My little one has those same tights too. so cute.