Sunday, December 23, 2007

A visit to see Santa

Kayla was so excited to see Santa and sit on his lap. We asked her what she is going to tell Santa, and what she wants for Christmas and she replied "Grammy and Grandpa!" When the time came for the kids turn to sit on Santa's lap, Kayla was excited, yet a bit shy and apprehensive. I think her face says it all. I love this picture. Merry Christmas!!


NYCmom said...

SO CUTE! I'm jealous that your kids would actually sit with Santa! They're so adorable. Jackson asked Santa for a skateboard...which he WON'T be getting...I just think it's funny that that's what he wants. When I talk to him about it he says that he wants one when he gets older, but he still talks about it. We'll call you tomorrow! We miss you!

Doney Days said...
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Doney Days said...

Hey Joe and Heidi! We've increased the security on our blog, so now you have to be invited to view our blog (I know it's a pain). Could you send me your email address at and we'll email you an invite. Looks like you guys are doing good! Thanks so much!