Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A new tradition

We were able to do something very fun with some great friends of ours. We decided to celebrate Passover (which is going on right now). We had a great time learning new things about Passover and trying and learning about the meaning of traditional foods that Jews eat on this special day. Joe and I have decided to make this one of our family traditions every year. Joe made some great handouts about the Passover. I love the story of Moses and how he become God's leader to help all the Children of Israel go. I also find it so amazing, and now have a place in my heart for Passover, because I realized that during the Last Supper, Jesus was celebrating the Passover. To know that this is when He introduced the sacrament and He showed so much love for his disciples and us, makes me always want to remember, in reverence, such a great and important day!

Here is a picture of some the food we had:


Brad said...

What a great idea! I am always impressed by the things you guys think of and do. Hope you guys are doing well.

TheFunYam said...

I love this idea! I never realized that about the last supper either--whata beautiful thing to learn! (Hope you don't mind that I stumbled upon your blog?) We're gonna miss you guys so much!

NYCmom said...

what a great idea. We've been learning a lot about passover living here amongst MANY Jews and it's so interesting. I really respect the Jewish people for their devout observance of their traditions & beliefs.