Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quiet house

A few mornings ago, it was so quiet in the house, and as most parents know, quiet might mean trouble. I searched for Kayla and Isaiah around the house and then I peeked in their room, and Kayla was quietly reading Isaiah a book all snuggled up in bed together. It was the cutest thing ever. After I snapped this picture, they both looked up with mischievous grins and they were both relieved when I sat down beside them and read some stories with them too. I am so glad they are good friends.

They have recently found a new love of wrestling each other. In fact, tonight, I went in their room and Kayla had climbed in Isaiah's crib and they were both body slamming each other and laughing up a storm. You wonder where all their bruises come from :).


Meet the Dubreuils said...

Those kind of moments are my favorite too!! Makes me see that my kids are really good buds:)

juli and ben said...

That is so true! It seems like when kids are up to something they are quiet! Kayla and Isaiah are so cute! What great friends!

Julie said...

That's so sweet! I'm glad they are friends!