Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mysterious Deliverer.......Please step forward!!!

I'm not one to deny any sort of blessing, but this one has to be claimed by someone else. The other night, Ryan and Camille Parker received a mysterious delivery on their doorstep. Someone out there graciously gave them many bags of groceries. Well, the Parkers first came to us and thought for sure we had done this thoughtful act. We denied it, and to this very second they are CONVINCED it was us. It is nice thinking that they think Joe and I would give them this, but this credit is undeserved. So to avoid undeserved credit, we are publicly asking the real "grocery deliverer" to step forward. Joe and I cannot handle the burden of the undeserved blessings any longer. We love you Parkers! :)


Parker said...

Don't think that a little blog post asking the "giver" to come forward is going to throw us off your scent!!

tristanandtricia said...

Even if you didn't knowing you would if you could means all the same. No wonder they think it was you are so giving!