Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines Day

I guess you can say I started a little tradition when Kayla was born. Every Valentine's day I like to dress the kids up in the classic "Daddy" shirts. Here's what they dressed up in this year:

(My heart belongs to Daddy)

The kids made Daddy a chocolate heart. I have to admit, I think I ate most of it and it was GOOD!!


tristanandtricia said...

Cute! We miss you guys SO much! (That heart looks so tasty!)

Meet the Dubreuils said...

How cute Heidi!! Can't believe how big they are both getting!! Can't wait to see you guys again.

NYCmom said...

How CUTE!!! WHat a great haircut on Isaiah...he looks so old! i'm not sure why but I always think kids look older with short haircuts. Maybe it's just the "grooming" thing. xoxox