Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Here it is.........

10 Years Ago:
I graduated from high school, just hit puberty, grew 7 inches in a summer, and bought new pants.

Things On My To Do List Tomorrow: Send out some valentines to the Grandmas from Kayla and Isaiah, get Kayla to go #2 on the potty, and buy more carpet cleaner :)

Snacks I enjoy
: CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE........... need I say more?

What would I do if I were suddenly made a billionaire? Hey Britt, Tricia, and Jen, my three amigos. I would give mine to the little orphan Annie and tiny Tim charity foundation. What were you guys thinking?

3 Of My Bad Habits: (1) Checking blogs and blogs of people I don't have a clue who they are (2) Getting more excited to play ring around the rosies than my own kids (3) Wearing my cookie monster pj's all day long.

5 places I have lived: South Jordan, Utah "childhood home; Jerusalem "The Holy Land", Buenos Aires, Argentina "The HolEy Land", Herriman, Utah "the cave", Ann Arbor, Michigan "the Cottage", Muskogee, Oklahoma "Where a square can have a ball."

Jobs that I have had: I have worked at Brighton Girls Camp as a counselor, Legacy Retirement as a waitress, Many hospitals as a nurses aide, Herriman Clinic as a medical assistant

Things most people don’t know about me: My 13 year old sister-in-law beat me at an arm wrestle, I tried to make it look like I wasn't really trying my hardest, but she beat me fair and square. I'm a nurse, but not currently practicing (well, I guess on my kids). Flossed for 7 MONTHS straight (if anyone needs a good motivator let me know). Some of my present wardrobe contains clothes from my middle school years. (I know, embarrassing, but poorly true......go 90's!!!)

I tag...........Camille, Gwen, Sarah, Michelle, and Andrea..........happy blogging!


Skousen # 4 said...

You are dead to me. I would only give a million away to the poor. So shot me. haha

NYCmom said...

Hahahaha! You're so great! You make me laugh. I can't believe you grew 7 inches in a're not that tall exactly how short were you to begin with? ;) I'm going to have to second you on the pjs all day thing (and the reading random blogs)...but I didn't really want anyone to read that! I miss you!! xoxo

tristanandtricia said...

Oh Heidi, Did I not mention one of my bad habits was caring for the poor so much that I forgot about myself? Of course I would be generous to them. They all get a dollar on their birthday.

bills said...

I see my name at the bottom of this but I don't know what I'm suppose to do.

RicAnn said...

Your so cute Heidi! And I feel you on having clothes from mid-school I wore a shirt the other day that I have had since my sophomore year :)