Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A day with the Cousins

We were lucky enough to have Katelyn and Jacob over to play today!! It was a fun-filled day and the kids are already asking when they can see their cousins next. It has been such a treat being so near to family, I think Kayla and Isaiah are getting so spoiled - two sets of grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins. Life couldn't be better for them. It sure has made the transition a lot easier.

Kayla has been wanting to have "spider day" for a few weeks now. Joe doesn't like spiders, so Kayla loves to think of ways to scare him. In fact, we bought a whole bunch of fake spiders and Kayla put them all over Joe's bathroom, pillow and his side of the bed. It was great to see Joe's reaction.

With the cousins today, we made spider webs and spiders out of candy. Katelyn and Kayla loved it.

Here's Katelyn showing off her spider web:

Spider candy:

Isaiah LOVES Jacob. They were making each other laugh all day. I think Isaiah was so glad to have a boy with him today.

Big cousin hug.

And of course, dancing. Life wouldn't be complete without dancing for these girls. I swear they changed outfits like 10 times. They are perfect for each other.

And here's a video especially for you Julianne, so you could see how cute our kids were dancing together. Thanks for a fun day!


Colleen said...

what fun. i love the candy spiders. so cute for halloween. it was great to see you last saturday at grandmas' house. any update form the mri?

juli and ben said...

When we got in the car to come home Kate said, "That was fun!!!" The kids had a blast. Thanks again for watching them. We are so glad that we get to spend more time with your family. You have such cute ideas! The kids loved the spider crafts!! Thanks!! We love you!

Matt and Elaina said...

What cute spiders! How fun for them to play together. We liked the video clip. Spencer wanted to keep watching it over and over!